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With OnlineTherapy you can easily talk to a psychologist, psychotherapist or life-coach - via zoom whenever you need and wherever you are
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OnLine Psychology Services


A choice of - one-off consultation or ad-hoc packages to best meet your needs. Consultations are related to different areas of your life such as - well-being, life orientation, relationships, work and family matters..

Psychology & Psychotherapy

Psychology and its different therapeutic approaches and techniques are used in everyday life and are applied to – overcome difficult situations related to your mental health.


Business and Life coaching are delivered using the strategic approach which is focused on analysing the context, the different systems involved and adopting the most suitable strategies to meet your targets.

Our Story

We are Clinical Psychologists and Psychotherapists specialised in online services – consultations, psychology, psychotherapy & coaching services  – across Italy and the UK. 

We have more than twenty year – experience in both the private and public sector and we partner with our clients to create a new vision for their wellbeing.we


"Your team helped me achieve personal and business growth significantly in both arenas. I highly recommend working with her."
J. S.
Coaching Client
"You helped me prioritize goals that can help me reach my potential. Her coaching services are well worth the time and investment."
Coaching Client
"Your specialist helped me to overcome my anxiety problems and deal with my everyday difficulties with professionalism, empathy and kindness.
Psychology & Psychotherapy
"Your team's services have been invaluable in helping me to understand how to better approach my work and personal life."
L. J.
Coaching Client
Let me help you realize your business goals and find success!

Success Stories

"Working with OnlineTherapy team has been the single most beneficial decision of my career. Her positive impact on my success in business cannot be overstated."
Coaching Client


£50 first session
  • Instead of £110
  • 5-session package - £500
  • 10-session package - £950
  • Zoom/phone sessions
  • Access to resources
  • Great for anyone who is puzzled and wishes to discuss a particular issue
Psychology & Psychotherapy
£ 70 first session
  • Instead of £130-150 (depending on individual circumstances)
  • Mental Health Check-up - £150
  • 10-session package - £1200
  • Zoom/phone sessions
  • Access to resources
  • Great for specific mental health problems
£50 first session
  • Instead of £110
  • 10-session package - £930
  • Monthly package (Multiple sessions) - £850
  • Premium resources
  • Mentorship program
  • Great for professionals and individuals

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