Psychology & Psychotherapy

Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy often intersect – as both domains are related to mental health and consist of a variety of diagnostic tools and therapeutic techniques to assess and treat mental health problems.

We are a team of clinical psychologists and psychotherapists and we use different therapeutic approaches (Brief Strategic Therapy, CBT, Systemic Therapy and IPT-A).

The pandemia has dramatically changed the worldwide population’s life and we had to adapt to new contexts. 

We are very aware of the importance of checking our physical health and whenever needed we access online medical consultations. We are also aware of the link between physical and mental health and the importance to check our mental health state. 

We offer a variety of services from mental health check-ups, assessments, short/ medium and long therapeutic treatments for individuals, families and groups. We treat psychosomatic, low mood, anxiety, eating and relationship problems. Free consultations on COVID 19 and mental health are available.