Coaching is a process of personal development available to individuals, groups and organizations. Through a partnership relationship both the coachee and the coach work together to achieve the coache’s goals. It is important to set up specific and achievable goals from the start. We do use techniques to support our clients to choose SMART goals and we help them see the positive and negative factors which might get involved in the process of achieving their goals. Although psychology is an important aspect in coaching – coaches – do not on mental health problems such as for example anxiety, eating disorders or depression. Coaches are not consultants – they do not suggest or advise but support their clients to unfold their potentials which do exist already.  They nurture a dialogue that stimulates them to bring out what is actually present in them, inspired by Socratic maieutics (the art of bringing to light). “I can’t teach anyone anything, I can only make them think” (cit. Socrates).